About Us

Beautiful skin and hair gives you great confidence and demeanour. We at the Skin and Hair Destination are dedicated to providing you with world class and medically proven solutions for all your needs.

Skin and Hair Destination is a boutique clinic specialising in dermatology, trichology and aesthetics.

The clinic was established in 2009 and has developed an established reputation and trust among our patients for providing the most advanced and best treatment in time-honoured, service oriented and comfortable environment.

We understand each individual has different needs and therefore individualised treatments are designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of our patients which have been customised to their requirements after considerable study, consultation and diagnostics.

We pride ourselves in giving the best to our patients and we explain the cause of every impediment to them, outlining its cause, course of action and treatment outcomes, because we firmly believe that an informed patient who makes knowledgeable decisions is the biggest asset in successful completion of treatment.

At Skin & Hair Destination, technology is applied in the most customised manner so that our patients receive exactly the kind of attention and support they desire - the best and gold standard equipment is utilised with a personal and attentive touch.

Skin & Hair Destination is a one stop destination for all your skin, hair, ageing and other dermatological woes.

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